Top 10 apps for Agriculture


Te Top of best apps for agriculture for last 2015. For operation system android I choose the free-version but lot of better apliation is for many.

6. things to know before download Agriculturas apps.

In the Aplle store has more than 775 000 apps and in Google play is more than 1 milion apps, there is start problem which can you choose and be sure that apps is not virus.

  1. Consider the source– Always download apps from eputable companies like John Deere or Monsanto. Check the users comments and their satisfaction.
  2. Privacy concerns- Even when an app does have a privacy policy, the small size of a smartphone screen can make it both difficult to read and understand. Who makes the app? What data does this company collect? How does it store your data? These are the questions you should be asking, and you may be able to find the answers in the app’s privacy policy.
  3. Be wary of malware – when you download apps from untrustworthy Websites you can issue bad software.
  4. Look out for data-sucking apps. It’s all about the data. And sometimes it’s difficult to know which app is hoarding it. If this is an issue on your data plan, consider installing a data usage tracking app that will send out alerts to help you stay within your data cap.
  5. Monitor apps that use the most battery- t’s likely some may be running in the background without your knowledge and zapping your battery life. It’s a good idea to regularly check your settings to see how much power each app is using.
  6. Free vs. paid apps – if you choose free apps you have to acept that people which created this apps have to earn many with advertising or some fuction are open when you pay some many. Regardless of whether the app is free or paid, first ask yourself how often you plan to use it. As a rule of thumb, Android Authority recommends only choosing apps that you will constantly need, particularly if you download the paid version.

Agrivi – This best app for production 60 crops. App can made to improve their production and increase productivity. It has lot of useful application like 7-days measuring weather, 3-years history about field and detection risk sick, management with selling, buying and control of storage. It propose plan of harvesting and pick up.

Livestock Manager – This aplication is used for farm anymal. App is only for Apple ID but all information is backed up on iCloud so you’ll never lose your informatio. You can choose from 5 caterories:Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, and Pigs and created your own program. Every animal can have own picture, day of birth, breeding history and much more. Amimal you can share on faebook or twinter. dateprogram can set reminders “waht you have to do”.

Vrpeters– this aplication is using for detected vehicle collisions, side and rear overturns and rollovers due to centrifugal forces while turning curves. when is happed some accident, automatically called to the operator to prevent an accident.

Climate App– this aplication helps track  temperatures and alou you can find : “Maximum Temperature (F) yesterday,” “Minimum Temperature (F) yesterday,” “7 Day Average Soil Temperature (4″),” “1 Day Soil Temperature (4″),” and “1 Day Precipitation Total.” Each of tham has color map with temperature.

Farmware –This aplication include livestock, crops and paddock size. Although it’s a web application available if you are offline.Do you know it? for example you can checked when your stock was….. drenched, vaccinated, weaned?  Activities based recording of livestock, cropping and storage.  Record completed activities or plan future activities.  Over 100 types of activities.

web site: farmware

Loking for more best apps?

15 best aricultural apps

farming apps




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